Protect Your Paint Finish This Winter


Winter time is here and have you ever wondered what has the biggest impact on fending off car scratches and hopefully not needing car scratch removers? It is something that you might not consider as your first line of defense when trying to protect your car finish against car scratches and the need for car scratch removers. The best strategy to protect your paint this winter is to keep it clean and keep it protected. I am going to give you a strategy to keep the car finish on your car, truck, SUV minivan etc protected this winter and in the spring your car paint finish will emerge better than ever.

Best way. The best way to keep your paint finish clean in cold weather is with a modern waterless car wash system. This consists of a special spray and micro fiber towel which removes road grit and dirt without water and without scratching the paint finish. The finest waterless car wash systems contain Platinum Paint Protection that bonds to the paint to create a slick barrier that repels grit and prevents road grit and dirt from sticking to the paint finish. You can use a waterless car wash product like this when your hoses are all frozen and you have no source of running water.